Innovative Prophet [inuh-veh-tiv prof-it] noun.

One who, using their talents in digital marketing, sales, and media consulting, assists businesses in connecting with their customers in a lasting and impactful manner.

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Innovative Prophets has over fifteen years of major sponsorship, business, and event management success across the globe.

Specialising in revenue growth, sponsorship, and digital marketing solutions, we ensure positive revenue outcomes for individuals and companies across Australasia and around the world.

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Innovative Prophets has executed sponsorship contracts for major clients in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States via its global corporate network.

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  • Matching brands with marketing opportunities
  • Graphic design
  • Social media content creation
  • Website development
  • Creation of micro sites for sponsorship leveraging
  • Optimisation and creation of online retail platforms
  • Global retail distribution solutions and partnerships
  • Global sponsorship sales of sport and cultural property
  • Global broadcast content and advertising sales
  • Event management and curation solutions
  • Sales and customer service training
  • Franchise consulting and P&L optimisation

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NYC // Australia // international

Innovative Prophets has extensive experience coordinating events throughout Australia and internationally. With strong connections to sport, music & entertainment, Innovative Prophets operates through unique and innovative collaborations between brands, bands, and professional sport entities.

Innovative Prophets facilitates these memorable events through longtime professional relationships with organizations such as the Australian Baseball League and Major League Baseball, as well as by running their own music division, Quiet Color.

“Quiet Color isn’t just a website – or at least it isn’t anymore. QC has expanded into a concert promoter and record label… The concerts and the record label are just another way of furthering QC’s mission of getting great music into the ears of more people. They are doing something about it. In a very grass-roots way, they’re saying if you don’t like the music on the radio, change your radio; if you don’t like what the culture is feeding you, change the culture.”